Integrative and Functional Medicine

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Functional Medicine is an integrated, science-based healthcare approach that promotes wellness and treats illness by focusing on the biochemically unique aspects of each patient’s metabolism. We then individually tailor interventions to restore
normal physiological, psychological and structural balance.

Functional Medicine focuses on understanding fundamental physiological processes, the effects of the environmental input, and the genetic predispositions that influence health and disease. Interventions are focused on treating the root of the problem, not just masking the symptoms.

There are seven basic principles underlying functional medicine which include the following:

°Connecting basic science to clinical practice.
°Biochemical individuality based on genetic predisposition and environmental exposures.
°Patient-centered care rather than disease-focused treatment.
°Dynamic balance of internal and external factors that affect total functioning.
°Web-like interconnections among the body’s physiological processes also affect every aspect of functionality.
°Health as a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease.
°Promotion of organ reserve.

Dr. Micheal Moisant

Dr. Micheal Moisant was born in Fort Worth, but spent his childhood in Andrews, Texas. He and his family have lived in Wichita Falls since 1998. He continually enhances his knowledge by training with A4M. Mike has five sons; Carlon, Marcus, Nathan, Kaden and Peyton.

Dr. Micheal Moisant


   Midwestern State University
Bachelor’s Degree: Biology

    University of Texas
Master of Art: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    University of South Florida
Master of Medical Science: Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine

   University of North Texas Health Science Center
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine