Injectables: Botox and Juvederm

With a treatment from Harmony Functional Medicine ~  Aesthetic Clinic, you will be delighted to notice that your fine lines and wrinkles have smoothed and a more youthful appearance has been restored to your face.

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Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a purified protein extracted from naturally occurring bacterium and processed under strict pharmaceutical manufacturing guidelines. The cosmetic use of Botox® has been FDA approved. This medication is used to treat dynamic wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. It can be used on the lower face to treat the muscles that cause tiny lines around the mouth, the sad lines at the corners of the mouth, as well as the aging appearance of the neck. Botox® Cosmetics works by relaxing the facial muscles, creating a smoother more refreshed appearance. 

Juvederm® is a made of hyaluronic acid, naturally occurring sugar found in the human body. The role of hyaluronic acid in the skin is to deliver nutrients and to hydrate the skin by retaining water. The gel is injected into facial tissue to smooth wrinkles and folds, especially around the nose and mouth. It is also used to enhance the appearance and fullness of lips.