Detoxification and Cleansing

Have you ever heard of EPIGENOMICS? What about Environmental TOXICOLOGY? Epigenomics involves the relationship between your environment and your genetic code. As a result of our nutritional and environmental choices, each of us is “Toxic,” in need of a good cleansing or Detoxification. Those of us that do not have the “good” genetic code are affected more by the toxic agents in the environment. We have the means to evaluate your genetic code to determine the kinds of toxins which will affect you the most. Additionally, we know which measures should be taken to minimize the consequences of “bad” genetic code.

If you are ready to quit guessing and start doing something about your individual needs, we would love to help you help yourself.


Why it is important to Detox?

Detoxification is an important process we rely on to cleanse the blood of impurities. Our actions and environment can add a strain to the body’s natural detoxification system. Stress, lack of sleep, heavy exercise, ill health and poor nutrition can increase the toxic load in our system.

Symptoms of toxic overload:

low energy                                  excess weight gain

skin conditions                           food allergies

bloating or constipation           congestion

sore muscles and joints            headaches

moodiness                                  poor memory

trouble concentrating              a feeling of unhealthiness

Conventional medicine has generally ignored the value of detoxification choosing to treat the symptoms and not the disease. IV detoxification offers a viable preventative therapy that can help assure optimum health.