Comprehensive Skin Care

Digital Complexion Analysis

Free for your first visit. A state of the art system that performs an in-depth analysis of the skin.

Using the Janus Imaging System, we are able to analyze your skin and how it has aged under 3 different types of light exposure: Normal, Polarized, and Ultraviolet. This analysis allows us to study your skin on and beneath the surface.

This system enables the physician to prescribe the appropriate treatment based on your actual skin results. With the system’s measurement and age eraser tools, we are able to show you what you will “look” like after your prescribed treatments.

Skin Treatments

Express Skincare Treatment:
This condensed skin treatment offers the benefits of a full skincare treatment in 30 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed and your skin glowing.

Nelly Skincare Treatment:
This is a 60 minute personalized European skincare treatment that provides you with treatment of the face and décolleté.

Lifting Skincare Treatment:
This treatment provides your skin with total, extreme rejuvenation. It includes a complete lift for your face and neck muscles, performed with a blend of personalized skincare products from Nelly De Vuyst®.

Lifting Treatment with RF:
A non-surgical procedure using Radio Frequencies (RF) rejuvenates the skin with heat to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers giving a natural lift and tightening effect.

Chemical Peel:
Used to improve the skin’s appearance, chemical peels can reduce or eliminate fine lines, correct uneven skin pigmentation, as well as soften acne or treat the scars caused by acne. The procedure can also treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and skin blemishes common with age and heredity.

This treatment is a noninvasive, chemical free procedure that uses micro-crystals to strip the outermost layer of the skin. Once the outer layer is stripped, a more radiant and rejuvenated layer of skin is exposed.

Microderm plus Express Skincare Treatment:
An advanced personalized treatment that includes microdermabration with a focus on your specific skin problems. A special blend of Nelly Du Vuyst® products are used to specifically target acne, wrinkles, or hyper-pigmentation.

Diadermic Method®

The Diadermic Method® is a unique and innovative method of manufacturing which allows Nelly Du Vuyst® products to target specific cell membranes to obtain measureableNellyDevuyst_2167  results, restoring the skin from the inside out. The products are capable of penetrating into the middle layer of the dermis where repairs can actually occur. It also enhances the absorption of products into the dermis.

Nelly Du Vuyst® uses only the finest raw materials gathered from elite sources throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Nelly Du Vuyst® uses an extensive array of plant extracts and essential oils that are obtained from certified botanical species organically grown and carefully extracted to maintain the benefits nature provides.

The Nelly DeVuyst® products are manufactured in Belgium and held to the highest European quality standards. These quality standards, legislated by the European Union, are the most demanding in the cosmetic field.

Personalized skincare treatments are based on your needs or concerns.