Body Sculpting by Sheerwave

Body Sculpting is a safe and effective way to achieve cellulite reduction, body contouring, removal of excess fat, improvement of elasticity, body shaping and tone in your particular stubborn areas. We are very proud to introduce our clients to Sheerwave Technologies. In the past, these problems were dealt with by combining different techniques (e.g. liposuction, surgery, laser) that can be risky, costly and painful. Today, these common problems can be treated by a single device producing considerable results in only a few sessions without downtime or risk to your health. Call to schedule a free consultation and to find out how you can benefit today!



Body Treatments

Oleaslim Body Wrap:
Indulge yourself with a personalized body wrap that liberates toxins and helps relieve stress, fatigue, and tension.

Keratolyse Hand Treatment:
Keratolyse is an enzymatic peeling recommended to help eliminate dead cells and to visibly improve your skins texture. Other areas available upon request.

Back Acne Treatment:
This soothing treatment includes a detoxifying peel, a blend of essential oils and plant extract that has been adapted to your skin. Cleans and purifies all impurities on the skin.

Firming Neck and Bust Treatment:
Breast firming treatments have several benefits including improving the texture of the bust skin, improving the elasticity of the supporting skin of the breasts, increasing fullness and firmness of the breast itself and preventing future lack of firmness.